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What am I doing here? (download)
Marco Weening, 28/05/2017
Holding the course (download)
Lessons from the siege of Samaria
Craig Stocks, 21/05/2017
Weakness (download)
Craig Stocks, 07/05/2017
Resurrection (download)
Hugh Gifford, 30/04/2017
The most excellent way (download)
Anne Stocks, 02/04/2017
The Apostolic Race (download)
Craig Stocks, 26/03/2017
Be Careful (download)
Peter Donald, 19/03/2017
Marriage, singleness and devotion to the Lord (download)
Craig Stocks, 12/03/2017
Relationships (download)
Craig Stocks, 05/03/2017
Fathering in the church (download)
Craig Stocks, 26/02/2017
The importance of unity (download)
Craig Stocks, 19/02/2017
The Vision of Christ Crucified - new (download)
Craig Stocks, 12/02/2017
Growing into Maturity - Introduction (download)
Introduction to 1 Corinthians and Sermon Series
Craig Stocks, 05/02/2017
Disappointment (download)
Josh Stocks, 29/01/2017
Connecting with God - Words (download)
Craig Stocks, 22/01/2017
Connecting with God - Worship (download)
Craig Stocks, 08/01/2017
Love wins in relationships (part 2) (download)
Craig Stocks, 18/12/2016
Whose family are you in? (download)
Anne Stocks, 11/12/2016
Love Wins - Our Stories (download)
Jo Gevers, 04/12/2016
Song of Mary (download)
Gavin Morrison, 27/11/2016
YKC Session 2: Being Human and Building in the Church (download)
Rob Davey, 21/11/2016
YKC KHP Sunday Service: People of Presence (download)
Rob Davey, 20/11/2016
YKC CCD Sunday Service: Power of Prayer (download)
Carole Whilthew, 20/11/2016
YKC Session 3: Finding Your Place in the Body (download)
Rob Davey, 19/11/2016
YKC Session 1: CHURCH The Big Picture (download)
Rob Davey, 19/11/2016
Revelation (download)
Josh Stocks, 13/11/2016
Honour (download)
Julian Mott, 06/11/2016
Love wins - Obedience (part 1) (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/10/2016
Love wins in relationships (part 1) (download)
Craig Stocks, 30/10/2016
Love Wins - Over Judgement (download)
Craig & Anne Stocks, 16/10/2016
Legalism and the Church (download)
Tony speaks on the power of grace in the new covenant.
Tony Smith, 02/10/2016
Love wins over law (download)
Craig Stocks, 25/09/2016
Love wins forever (download)
Craig Stocks, 18/09/2016
Love wins salvation (download)
Craig Stocks, 11/09/2016
God is Love (download)
Craig Stocks, 04/09/2016
Atonement (download)
Josh Stocks, 28/08/2016
Small Groups Launch (download)
Gavin Morrison, 21/08/2016
Perservering Faith (download)
Craig Stocks, 14/08/2016
Community Hub Launch (download)
Craig Stocks, 07/08/2016
Are we nearly there yet? (download)
Alec MacAulay, 31/07/2016
Joel Part 4 (download)
Craig Stocks, 24/07/2016
Culture of Honour (download)
Marco Weening, 17/07/2016
Session 5 - The Kingdom of God (download)
Summer School 2016 - Session 5
Jake Cooper, 15/07/2016
Session 4 - Evangelism (download)
Summer School 2016 - Session 4
Stef Miles, 15/07/2016
Session 3 - Prophecy (download)
Summer School 2016 - Session 3
Marco Weening, 14/07/2016
Session 2 - Knowing Your Identity (download)
Summer School 2016 - Session 2
Sarah Collins, 14/07/2016
Session 1 - Dealing with Disappointment (download)
Wendy Mann, 14/07/2016
Joel Part 3 (download)
Craig Stocks, 10/07/2016
Joel Part 2 (download)
Craig Stocks, 03/07/2016
Joel Part 1 (download)
Craig Stocks, 26/06/2016
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