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Paying attention to Jesus (download)
Craig Stocks, 17/09/2017
The foolish servant (download)
Scott Currie, 10/09/2017
A heart that longs for Heaven (download)
Craig Stocks, 03/09/2017
Communion (download)
Craig Stocks, 27/08/2017
The Kingdom 8 - Praying for more of the kingdom (download)
Gavin Morrison, 20/08/2017
The Kingdom 7 - Blessings (download)
Craig Stocks, 13/08/2017
Kingdom 6 - Grow your faith (download)
Craig Stocks, 06/08/2017
Kingdom 4 - Unbelief (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/07/2017
Kingdom 3 - Passion for the King (download)
Craig Stocks, 16/07/2017
Kingdom 2 - Kingdom and the Church (download)
Craig Stocks, 09/07/2017
Kingdom 1 - The Kingdom of God (download)
Craig Stocks, 02/07/2017
Apologetics (download)
Josh Stocks, 18/06/2017
Giving (download)
Geof looks at 2 Cor 8. He describes himself as having been a reluctant giver and shares from his own experience of how God has given him the grace to give (often in challenging circumstances) and about how he has experienced God's provision as he has given in faith.
Geof Cole, 11/06/2017
Enthroning Praise (download)
Gavin looks at the meaning of the biblical words translated worship and praise, looks at lessons from Psalm 100 and explores what happens when God is enthroned on the praises of his people.
Gavin Morrison, 04/06/2017
FHC Session 6 - More than Conquerors (download)
Simon Holley, 27/05/2017
FHC Session 5 - Identity (download)
Marco Weening, 27/05/2017
FHC Session 4 - Forgiveness (download)
Simon Holley, 27/05/2017
FHC Session 3 - Sonship (download)
Marco Weening, 26/05/2017
FHC Session 2 - Father (download)
Simon Holley, 26/05/2017
FHC Session 1 - Rocks (download)
Simon Holley, 26/05/2017
What am I doing here? (download)
Marco Weening, 28/05/2017
Holding the course (download)
Lessons from the siege of Samaria
Craig Stocks, 21/05/2017
Weakness (download)
Craig Stocks, 07/05/2017
Resurrection (download)
Hugh Gifford, 30/04/2017
The most excellent way (download)
Anne Stocks, 02/04/2017
The Apostolic Race (download)
Craig Stocks, 26/03/2017
Be Careful (download)
Peter Donald, 19/03/2017
Marriage, singleness and devotion to the Lord (download)
Craig Stocks, 12/03/2017
Relationships (download)
Craig Stocks, 05/03/2017
Fathering in the church (download)
Craig Stocks, 26/02/2017
The importance of unity (download)
Craig Stocks, 19/02/2017
The Vision of Christ Crucified - new (download)
Craig Stocks, 12/02/2017
Growing into Maturity - Introduction (download)
Introduction to 1 Corinthians and Sermon Series
Craig Stocks, 05/02/2017
Disappointment (download)
Josh Stocks, 29/01/2017
Connecting with God - Words (download)
Craig Stocks, 22/01/2017
Connecting with God - Worship (download)
Craig Stocks, 08/01/2017
Love wins in relationships (part 2) (download)
Craig Stocks, 18/12/2016
Whose family are you in? (download)
Anne Stocks, 11/12/2016
Love Wins - Our Stories (download)
Jo Gevers, 04/12/2016
Song of Mary (download)
Gavin Morrison, 27/11/2016
YKC Session 2: Being Human and Building in the Church (download)
Rob Davey, 21/11/2016
YKC KHP Sunday Service: People of Presence (download)
Rob Davey, 20/11/2016
YKC CCD Sunday Service: Power of Prayer (download)
Carole Whilthew, 20/11/2016
YKC Session 3: Finding Your Place in the Body (download)
Rob Davey, 19/11/2016
YKC Session 1: CHURCH The Big Picture (download)
Rob Davey, 19/11/2016
Revelation (download)
Josh Stocks, 13/11/2016
Honour (download)
Julian Mott, 06/11/2016
Love wins - Obedience (part 1) (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/10/2016
Love wins in relationships (part 1) (download)
Craig Stocks, 30/10/2016
Love Wins - Over Judgement (download)
Craig & Anne Stocks, 16/10/2016
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