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Isaiah (4) "Faith give thanks in the middle of the story" (download)
Jo Gevers, 03/10/2019
Isaiah (3) God with us (download)
Anne Stocks, 22/09/2019
Encounter (download)
Tony & Kay Smith, 15/09/2019
Isaiah ( 2) - Distinguished by Purpose (download)
Craig Stocks, 08/09/2019
Isaiah (1) How to tie your shoelaces (download)
Craig Stocks, 01/09/2019
The "L" word (download)
Andy Munns, 18/08/2019
Living in a God given reality (download)
Keira Stocks, 11/08/2019
Action Takers (download)
Roy Osbourne, 28/07/2019
Posture (download)
Pete west, 21/07/2019
- Disappointment (download)
Grantley Watkins, 30/06/2019
Stories of the Kingdom (download)
David Baker, 23/06/2019
Romans Conclusion (download)
Pete Donald, 16/06/2019
Honour in Action (download)
Craig Stocks, 09/06/2019
A Holy Provocation (download)
Anne Stocks, 02/06/2019
The Greatest Purpose (download)
Craig Stocks, 26/05/2019
Father Heart - Sat AM (6) (download)
Wendy Mann, 18/05/2019
Father Heart - Fri PM- (5) (download)
Peter Anderson, 17/05/2019
Father Heart - Fri PM - Panel Host (4) (download)
Wendy Mann, Peter Anderson & David Baker
Craig Stocks (interviewing), 17/05/2019
Father Heart - Fri PM -Ted Talks (3) (download)
David Baker, Fred Drummond & Claire Coggan
Various, 17/05/2019
Father Heart - Fri AM (2) (download)
Wendy Mann, 17/05/2019
Father Heart - Thur PM (1) (download)
Wendy Mann, 16/05/2019
God's Kindness (download)
Wendy Mann, 19/05/2019
Freedom Culture (download)
Craig Stocks, 12/05/2019
Don't fall out, remember, He changes us (download)
Alec Macaulay, 05/05/2019
Who I am in Christ (download)
John Marshall, 31/03/2019
5 responses to the ressurection (download)
Craig Stocks, 21/04/2019
Fulfilling the Law through love (download)
Craig Stocks, 28/04/2019
Controversy is Us (download)
Geof Cole, 14/04/2019
Hold Fast (download)
Anne Stocks, 07/04/2019
God's glorious people (download)
Pete looks into John 17 and how God has shared his glory with his people.
Pete Carter, 17/03/2019
God's will on earth - Introduction to Romans (download)
Craig Stocks, 10/03/2019
Reflections on Holiness (download)
Craig Stocks, 24/02/2019
How we win our victories (download)
Anne Stocks, 17/02/2019
Influencing our Environment (download)
Craig Stocks, 10/02/2019
Communicating the gospel (download)
Craig Stocks, 27/01/2019
Context of discipleship (download)
Craig Stocks, 13/01/2019
Intentional Leadership (download)
Craig Stocks, 16/12/2018
Culture Matters (download)
Craig Stocks, 08/12/2018
Filled by the Holy Spirit (download)
Craig Stocks, 02/12/2018
Postures of Prayer (download)
David Baker, 25/11/2018
Saints not sinners. (download)
Craig Stocks, 18/11/2018
Born Identity (download)
Craig Stocks, 04/11/2018
Dead without God (download)
Second in discipleship series - when we start out as disciples of Jesus, we need to know where we start from.
Craig Stocks, 28/10/2018
Culture & Discipleship (download)
Introduction to a new series on learning to live like Jesus.
Craig Stocks, 21/10/2018
Choices (download)
Geof Cole, 14/10/2018
Living in Forgiveness (download)
Anne Stocks, 30/09/2018
Living Hope (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/09/2018
Delight in the Lord (download)
Craig Stocks, 16/09/2018
Our identity in God - Taking thoughts captive (download)
Andy Munns, 02/09/2018
Dealing with Disappointment (download)
Geof Cole, 26/08/2018
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