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Song of Revival: Psalm 51 - Part 1 (download)
Craig Stocks, 15/05/2022
What We Believe About... Leadership (download)
Craig Stocks, 08/05/2022
Miracle Sunday - Encountering the God of Miracles! (download)
Craig Stocks, 17/04/2022
Love Matters... Part 1: Marriage and Sexuality (download)
Craig Stocks, 10/04/2022
Love Matters: Preface I - The Lordship of Christ (download)
Craig Stocks, 20/03/2022
Sharing Jesus: The raising of the widow from Nain's son (download)
We have been delighted to have had Phil Drummond and Joel Leaky both from Causeway Coast Vineyard with us this weekend providing practical training on how to share Jesus. In this talk, Phil looks at the story of Jesus raising the son of the widow from Nain. He shows the way that Jesus releases the kingdom of heaven into a situation of hopelessness, transforming the story that was being writing over the life of a vulnerable, destitute woman (and her son!).
Phil Drummond, 13/03/2022
Heaven Invades: Acts 19:21 —28:31 (download)
Jonathan Humphrey, 06/03/2022
Heaven Invades: Acts 16:6—19:20 (download)
Alec Macaulay, 27/02/2022
Heaven Invades: Acts 12:25 - 16:5 (download)
Craig Stocks, 20/02/2022
Heaven Invades: Acts 9:32 - 12:24 (download)
Anne Stocks, 13/02/2022
Heaven Invades: Acts 6:8 - 9:31 (download)
Craig Stocks, 06/02/2022
Heaven Invades: Holy Awe (Acts 1:1 - 6:7) (download)
Craig Stocks, 30/01/2022
Heaven Invades: Acts Overview (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/01/2022
Vision Sunday (download)
Various Contributors, 16/01/2022
Arrival - The Incarnation of God (download)
Karin Bailey, 12/12/2021
Acclamation - Angelic Worship (download)
Jo Gevers, 05/12/2021
Announcement - The Angel Gabriel visits Mary (download)
Craig Stocks, 28/11/2021
Accommodation - God to dwell with us (download)
Anne Stocks, 26/11/2021
Approach - Prepare the way (download)
Craig Stocks, 14/11/2021
Anticipation - The promised King (download)
Craig Stocks, 07/11/2021
What we believe about... Angels (download)
Craig Stocks, 31/10/2021
What we believe about... Baptism (download)
Gavin Morrison, 17/10/2021
What we believe about... Spiritual Warfare (download)
Craig Stocks, 10/10/2021
The Test and The Temple (download)
Joshua Stocks, 19/09/2021
Gideon's Changed Thinking (download)
Alec Macaulay, 12/09/2021
What we believe about... Money (download)
Craig Stocks, 29/08/2021
Family Vision and News 2021 (download)
Various Contributors, 22/08/2021
What we believe about... Discipleship (download)
Craig Stocks, 15/08/2021
What we believe about... Communion (download)
Gavin Morrison, 08/08/2021
What we believe about... Adoption (start missed) (download)
Jo Gevers, 01/08/2021
What we believe about... Heaven and Hell (download)
Craig Stocks, 25/07/2021
What we believe about... The Kingdom of God (download)
Craig Stocks, 18/07/2021
What we believe about... The Sovereignty of God (download)
Anne Stocks, 11/07/2021
What we believe about... The Trinity (download)
Craig Stocks, 20/06/2021
Thankfulness (download)
Wendy Mann, 13/06/2021
What we believe about... The Security of our Salvation (download)
Craig Stocks, 06/06/2021
What we believe about... Miracles (download)
Craig Stocks, 30/05/2021
What we believe about... The Bible (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/05/2021
The Priority of God's Presence (download)
Wendy Mann, 16/05/2021
Psalms for Living: Psalm 134 (download)
Anne Stocks, 09/05/2021
Psalms for Living: Psalm 131 (download)
Gavin Morrison, 02/05/2021
Psalms for Living: Psalm 133 (download)
Jo Gevers, 25/04/2021
Psalms for Living: Psalm 129 (download)
Craig Stocks, 21/03/2021
Psalms for Living: Psalm 128 (download)
Craig Stocks, 14/03/2021
Psalms for Living: Psalm 127 (download)
Craig Stocks, 07/03/2021
Depending on God: Being about our Father's Business (download)
Claire Coggan, 28/02/2021
Depending on God: The Rich Young Ruler (download)
Craig Stocks, Geof & Sue Cole, 21/02/2021
Depending on God: Instructions for the journey (download)
Anne Stocks, 14/02/2021
Depending on God: Seek first the kingdom of God (download)
Craig Stocks, 07/02/2021
Prayer and Fasting: Getting Practical (download)
Craig Stocks, 31/01/2021
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