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Filled by the Holy Spirit (download)
Craig Stocks, 02/12/2018
Postures of Prayer (download)
David Baker, 25/11/2018
Saints not sinners. (download)
Craig Stocks, 18/11/2018
Born Identity (download)
Craig Stocks, 04/11/2018
Dead without God (download)
Second in discipleship series - when we start out as disciples of Jesus, we need to know where we start from.
Craig Stocks, 28/10/2018
Culture & Discipleship (download)
Introduction to a new series on learning to live like Jesus.
Craig Stocks, 21/10/2018
Choices (download)
Geof Cole, 14/10/2018
Living in Forgiveness (download)
Anne Stocks, 30/09/2018
Living Hope (download)
Craig Stocks, 23/09/2018
Delight in the Lord (download)
Craig Stocks, 16/09/2018
Our identity in God - Taking thoughts captive (download)
Andy Munns, 02/09/2018
Dealing with Disappointment (download)
Geof Cole, 26/08/2018
Born of the spirit (download)
Craig Stocks, 12/08/2018
Fit for purpose (download)
Craig Stocks, 05/08/2018
Fit for Purpose (download)
Craig Stocks, 29/07/2018
The prayer of Jonah (download)
David Baker, 22/07/2018
Regeneration - Free from sin (download)
Craig Stocks, 15/07/2018
Regeneration - You must be born again (download)
Craig Stocks, 08/07/2018
River of God (download)
Craig Stocks, 24/06/2018
Courageous Intimacy - Psalm 63 (download)
Josh Stocks, 17/06/2018
Courageous Intimacy - Psalm 34 (download)
Dave Morris, 10/06/2018
Courageous Intimacy - Psalm 52 (download)
Hugh Gifford, 03/06/2018
Courageous Intimacy - Psalm 51 (download)
Gavin Morrison, 27/05/2018
Led by the Spirit (download)
Anne Stocks, 20/05/2018
Faith (Part 10) - Healing (download)
Craig Stocks, 13/05/2018
FHC 2018 - Session 6 (Sat pm) - A Culture of Encouragement (download)
Phil Wilthew, 12/05/2018
FHC 2018 - Session 5 (Sat am) - Living with a victorious perspective (download)
Phil Wilthew, 12/05/2018
FHC 2018 - Session 4 (Fri eve) - The Power of our Prayers (download)
Carole Wilthew, 11/05/2018
FHC 2018 - Session 3 (Fri afternoon) - Walking in Freedom (download)
Phil Wilthew, 11/05/2018
FHC 2018 - Session 2 (Fri am) - Sonship & Adoption (download)
Phil Wilthew, 11/05/2018
FHC 2018 - Session 1 (Thurs PM) - Innocence (download)
Craig Stocks, 10/05/2018
Faith (Part 9) - Smith Wigglesworth (download)
Lessons about faith from the life of Smith Wigglesworth.
Craig Stocks, 06/05/2018
Faith (Part 8) - For church (download)
Craig Stocks, 29/04/2018
Faith (Part 7) - Worship (download)
Jo teaches on the dynamic relationship that exists between faith and worship - how both are mutually supportive and build up each other in our day to day lives.
Jo Gevers, 22/04/2018
Community Transformation - SESSION 2 (download)
Pete shares the story about how God has used the church he has led to bring community transformation - initially within their local setting, then to the place where local and national government are seeking their partnership in community and health related initiatives. PLEASE NOTE - Session recorded using amateur equipment.
Pete Carter, 20/04/2018
Community Transformation - SESSION 1 (download)
Pete shares amazing personal stories about God’s miraculous power to help teach and illustrate key principles about growing deeper in faith and in relationship with God. PLEASE NOTE - Session recorded using amateur equipment.
Pete Carter, 20/04/2018
Prayer Sunday - Spring 2018 (download)
Craig Stocks & Various, 08/04/2018
Resonate apostolic connections update (download)
Craig Stocks, 25/03/2018
Faith (Part 6) - More or Less (download)
Andy Munns, 18/03/2018
Faith (Part 5) - Foundation & Promise (download)
Dave Morris, 11/03/2018
Faith (Part 4) - Revival (download)
Craig Stocks, 25/02/2018
Faith (Part 3) - Hearing (download)
Anne Stocks, 18/02/2018
Faith (Part 2) - Forgiveness (download)
Craig Stocks, 11/02/2018
Faith (Part 1) - Introduction (download)
Craig Stocks, 04/02/2018
Shining like stars (download)
Fred Drummond, 28/01/2018
Dead or Alive? (download)
Pete Donald, 21/01/2018
The rich man (download)
Craig Stocks, 14/01/2018
Psalm 67 (download)
Gavin Morrison, 07/01/2018
Simplyfying Vision (download)
Craig Stocks, 17/12/2017
Be Still (Psalm 46) (download)
Scott Currie, 10/12/2017
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