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We love the life and vibrancy that young adults bring to CCD.

We therefore seek to fully integrate students and 20s into the church family and aim to provide them with support and the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God. Hopefully this page will give you a taste of what being a student at City Church is all about, but the best way to find out is to come and visit. We'd love to meet you!

It is our aim to ensure that students are welcomed, included and equipped to play a full part in the local church, wherever that may be, throughout their lives.

Pizza!Community Hubs are central to church life and provide a meaningful context for community, discipleship, service and pastoral care. On the 1st Sunday of each month, Hubs enjoy lunch together in homes around the city. This is a great opportunity to  meet and get know other church members who live in your area. Hubs also meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, often for dinner together and prayer, worship and fellowship. Please speak to us so we can help get you connected with your Community Hub.

Every person has a role to play and is of equal value to the church. We are delighted that students and 20s contribute massively to church life. Serving in one of the church teams helps develop stronger connections with people from across the church. There are lots of ways to get involved. Some students are part of the church worship team, help out with words projection, with children's work and also with stewarding.  

Every Sunday, except Hub Sundays, Students & 20s get together at a nearby home at 6:30pm for dinner and fellowship. Its a great way to get to know one another better, support and encourage one another. 

Student Work is led by Keira Stocks. If you want more info, then please get in touch.

Student Mobile: 07592 698405

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